Connection to 5G in NSA mode.

If you’re only getting 4G speeds in the data speed-test web sites, it could be due to 5G cell is too far away, especially for initial roll-out the 5g coverage can be patchy.
For the example of Telstra, the output of the command below shows there are 4G cells, but indeterminate about the presence of 5G signal.

AT+QENG=”servingcell”+QENG: “servingcell”,”NOCONN”
+QENG: “LTE”,”FDD”,505,01,8C63321,71,3148,7,5,5,7025,-91,-14,-59,13,0,190,-
+QENG:”NR5G-NSA”,505,01,65535,-32768,-32768,-32768 //undetected cell ID, minimum signal strength.

Check the distance to your nearest 5G cell, it may be that the 5G signal is too weak.
This is one way to identify the locations of 5G cells on the map.

To see only Telstra sites, click on the “hamburger” menu on the left as shown above, to setup a filter for Telstra:

Returning back to the map you can then click on the site and get the band information as below:

Note: not all cells are 5G – look for N78 – 3.6GHz with the high bandwidth like 60MHz.
I have found that my nearest cell is 1km away, and indoor 5G cannot get service.