Useful Links

Mobile Operators/info


Technology – GNSS

Technology – eSIM, eUICC

Quectel Links

  • Quectel Discussion Forum
  • Quectel on YouTube
  • Quectel documentation download zone. You may need to create a login for some docs.
  • Quectel Tools, Resources:
    QGNSS – Quectel GNSS evaluation tool to drive our modules, see the satellite info etc.
    QFlash – re-flash our cellular modules (mainly Qualcomm platforms) – choose the latest one.
    QCom_V1.6 serial terminal, one button click for AT commands. Much better than re-typing commands in puTTY or terraterm.
    Qnavigator – starter terminal program for those new to Quectel modules. Contains scripts to automate testing common functions such as registration, PPP, TCP, UDP, GNSS etc.

IoT And Other Online Tools/Resources


Smithsonian Institute – online virtual Museum. Images free to download: