BG95-M3 gpsoneXTRA example

15th April 2020 – (still under development)
Worked example of setting up BG95-M3 for A-GPS with Qualcomm gpsoneXTRA data downloaded over the cellular connection.
Link to the FW for testing:
Link to PC re-flash tool via USB: QFlash_V4.16:

Extra associated AT commands:

1. Set AT+QGPSCFG=”xtrafilesize”,1 //download 1 day of AGPS info.
2. Enable XTRA (AT+GPSXTRA=1), then reboot.
3. After reboot and network registration the XTRA time will synchronise with real time.
4. Start GNSS (AT+QGPS=1), the module will download the XTRA file and inject the XTRA time.
5. Query the gpsoneXTRA AGPS info (AT+QGPSCFG=”xtra_info”)