5G Modules for Australia

The 5G module range specifications bit more complicated to see the differences in our range, and some of the differences are in the details.  For Australia networks then a good starting point is that the following have Telstra certification planned:

Module          – Comment:

RM502Q-AE  4G CAT20  Telstra certification (May 2021)
RM500Q-AE  4G CAT16   Telstra certification in Q3/Q4
RM505Q-AE  4G CAT16   Extra frequency (L5) for GNSS.  (later availability, now in CS stage).

RG500Q-EA  (voice + data)  Telstra certification in Q3/Q4

These are all using the lower sub-6GHz bands that are being deployed now. The later mm-Wave bands for 5G have not even been allocated/auctioned yet for Australia.

Note that the LGA RG500Q-EA has 8 antenna ports.

May 2021