5G Modules for Australia

The 5G module range specifications bit more complicated to see the differences in our range, and some of the differences are in the details.  For Australia networks then a good starting point is that the following have Telstra certification, or in planning:

Module          – Comment:

RM502Q-AE  4G CAT20  (SDX55) Telstra certified (May 2021)
RM500Q-AE  4G CAT16  (SDX55) Telstra certified (March 2022)
RM505Q-AE  4G CAT16   (SDX55) Extra frequency (L5) for GNSS.  Telstra certified (March 2022)

RG520N-EU (SDX62) will have variants DA, DB, DC
RM520N-GL (LE1.0 -> LE1.3 baseline) plans to support both NSA and SA

RG620-T (MTK T830 platform) – in planning.

These are all using the lower sub-6GHz bands that are being deployed now. The later mm-Wave bands for 5G have been auctioned in 2021, see separate link for this.

  • Note:
  • LGA RG500Q-EA has 8 antenna ports.
  • On live network currently only NSA mode is supported. Telstra SA mode is expected to be made live July 2022, will take some years to fully roll out.

Rx5xxY naming convention for Y letter, the platform + manufacturer

LMTK (MT6890)
KMTK (MT6880)
SQCX315 (5G IOT applications, SA mode only)
TMTK (T830)
CSDX35 – Rel.17, Redcap

June. 2023