Real life data rates compared to Maximum Theoretical (4G)

Phone Category speeds
Table of speeds from the link above:

For example, for an Iphone it may be CAT12 or CAT16 (iphone XS) that has theoretical Max of 600, 1000 Mbits/s. Customer real life speed testing on Telstra showed a maximum of 50Mbit/s that is actually very good.  Of course in real life this depends on the actual cell, if carrier aggregation, MIMO, diversity,  etc etc..   is being deployed and enabled and numerous other factors to do with the physical radio interface configuration and loading.

That theoretical maximum can only be approached in perfect lab conditions using all these radio features together.

Here’s another article on  iphone real life speeds (in the US):

Table of real-life speeds from above article:

So real live network speeds can be just a fraction of the theoretical, Iphone XS has 1000Mbps against reported live network speed 21.7Mbps.

So EG25-G Cat-4 module (Max 150Mbps) gets 14Mbps in live network is maybe not too surprising in comparison.