Network backoff – Why is my device offline

A new command was introduced in BG96 (BG96MAR03A05M1GA), now standard in BG95. 

If network rejects the device because of network loading or other reason, the device can stay offline for about 12 minutes at a time.  Restarting the module whilst this timer is active only restarts this 12 minute timer again. So use this command to check if this network reject timer is active. If so then DO NOT restart the module.  Technically in 3GPP it is called the T3396 backoff timer.

You can check if this is the condition with new command we introduced in the latest BG96 FW (Telstra certified). AT+QNWCFG=”backoff”


+QNWCFG: “backoff”,0    //returns number of seconds to back-off from accessing network.  0 mean no back-off active.

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